Bridge Program

Our response to the pandemic

Maya Forest Preschool Manila had been working on promoting and advocating outdoor play and minimal use of gadgets for children. Shifting to an online school platform was against what we had worked so hard for. We didn’t believe it was an appropriate and effective learning method for very young children and we didn’t want to backtrack on our beliefs simply to stay open.

Parent Orientation

our kit

Forest Learning Kit

The Forest Learning Kits are kits equipped with hands-on and experiential activities we call learning games. Through arts & crafts, learning games, and file folders, we are able to replicate how our students were learning in the actual forest during face to face or regular classes. All the necessary skillsets are learned with the parents through creative and fun ways, veering away from the typical worksheets and traditional methods of learning.

Bridge Program's 5 Supporting Steps


provide your child his/her own learning space where all the learning materials, arts & crafts, and manipulative are easily accessible. Explain to the child that the learning space is his/her responsibility to keep clean and pack away so that s/he may easily go back to the activities and create more things again.


Although we have a routine for the children, we must also be easily adaptable. Check first if all needs are met: sleepy, hungry, or restless. Do more physical tasks and activities to release pent up energy. There also may be other ways to accomplish the tasks or ways to extend the learning.


Have the child’s attention before starting and let him/her know that an activity is about to begin. Ask questions, engage, and find what works for your child. Although it will be tempting to take over and just do the activity, keep in mind that the goal is not just to finish it, but to let the child learn how.


Being consistent in rules and routine really allows children to thrive. Knowing what to expect next in their schedule and knowing the limits and boundaries they can push make them feel like they are in control. This gives them the confidence to continue without fear and anxiety of the unknown.


The mastery of a task or skill can only be done through repetition. Practicing over and over even when some things may still be difficult (such as learning how to put on their own shirt) or feels risky (such as carrying their own plates and glasses to the table or sink) will let the child gain the necessary experience to move through their developmental stages. “Failing” at a task means the child needs more opportunity and encouragement to try again and again and again.

School Year 2022 - 2023

Our Bridge Program

The MFP-Bridge Program is a distance learning program where our students will receive a Forest Kit every month. Each Forest kit contains 40+ themed activities good for the month which parents can do with their children at their own time, pace, and routine. These kits also come with online ClassMeets, playdates, and access to teacher-made videos and StoryTime sessions. At the end of the Bridge Program, students will be receiving a certificate of completion and will have other school programs throughout the year. Kinder students will be registered at DEPED and will be assigned a Learner’s Registration Number (LRN)



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