The activities for the Explorers level or the 3 year olds tap on their more refined fine motor skills which allow them pre-writing, pre-literacy, and pre-math skills. With skills still emerging, the Explorers level activities taps their more refined imagination,ability to grasp more complex instructions and do more sit-down “work”. Finding the balance between learning through play and practicing their ability to sit and focus for 3-5 minutes at a time per activity is what their packets aim to do.

SY 2022-2023

The MFP-Bridge Program is a distance learning program where our students will receive a Forest Kit every month. Each Forest kit contains 40+ themed activities good for the month which parents can do with their children at their own time, pace, and routine. These kits also come with online ClassMeets, playdates, and access to teacher-made videos and StoryTime sessions. At the end of the Bridge Program, students will be receiving a certificate of completion and will have other school programs throughout the year.

Solo Kits

The Solo Kit is for families who would like to try one month or just a few months of the year. The kit may be used as support to the child’s other programs, for homeschooling purposes, or simply to have fun activities for the month. This kit still comes with the online access but is not considered a certificate program. The Solo Kit has the same content as the Forest Kit although the student is only registered in the school for one month.

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